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Last Drop, Low Retention Micro Centrifuge Tubes, PP

  • Abdos Micro Centrifuge tubes are manufactured using high purity virgin USP Class VI Medical
    grade polypropylene (PP) conforming to US FDA 21 CFR, free from natural rubber & heavy metal.
    • These tubes can be used between -80°C to 121°C & with various organic solvents.
    • Abdos low binding technology provides 10 times lesser retention level with highly viscous samples
    & saves costly reagents.
    • These tubes are boil proof.
    • These tubes come with integral snap cap.
    • Frosting on the surface of the tubes makes writing easier.
    • Large moulded-in graduations make identification easy.
    • Can withstand up to 20000 xg RCF
Κωδικός προϊόντος: P10208,P10209,P10210 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21255


  • P10208 – 0.5 mL, DNase/RNase free – 1000 un.
  • P10209 – 1.5 mL, DNase/RNase free – 500 un.
  • P10210 – 2.0 mL, DNase/RNase free – 500 un.

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