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Handypette Pipette Aid

• Colour coded by volume with green for 10 ml and red for 25 ml.
• Users can easily insert glass and plastic pipettes into the collar with stable
fingers for secure hold.
• Rotating the knurled thumbwheel draws liquid to desired volumes. To release
liquid apply light pressure to the fast release lever. For gradual dispensing
rotate the thumb wheel.
• Resistant to acids, alkalis.
• Easily disassemble for cleaning.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: E11222,E11218,E11216 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21158


  • E11222 – 2 mL – 4 un.
  • E11218 – 10 mL – 4 un.
  • E11216 – 25 mL – 4 un.

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