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Frosty Mate Freezer Storage Rack, PC

• These racks have consistent thermal protection to maintain low temperatures.
• These racks are suitable for storage for PCR reagents, cells, enzymes or
other temperature-sensitive reagents for protecting the critical sample from
temperature fluctuations.
• Moulded indexing makes identification faster and easier.
• These racks are available in two temperature ranges:
(a)-20°C unit will maintain a temperature between -10°C & -20°C
for up to three hours.
(b) 0°C unit will maintain a temperature of 0°C for 5 hours.
• These racks are filled with an inert, non-toxic gel.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: P11104,P11105 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21086


  • P11104 – -20΅C, 32 Place (8 x 4 Array)
  • P11105 – 0΅C, 32 Place (8 x 4 Array)

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