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Dual wavelength UV Transilluminator

• Abdos Dual wavelength UV transilluminators offers widest range of versatility with
its three combinations of 254/365, 254/312 & 254/302nm.
• Compact 20x20cm size comes with UV protection filter cover for added safety.
• Flicker free Eight UV tubes of 8 watts ensures even distribution of light for better
viewing of EtBr Stained bands.
• Button to switch between the two wavelengths with markings.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: E12385,E12386,E12387 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21092


  • E12385 – 254/365nm, 20x20cm
  • E12386 – 254/312nm, 20x20cm
  • E12387 – 254/302nm, 20x20cm

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