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Cell Culture Dish, PS

• Culture dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where microscopic observation is required.
• Dishes have been treated with vacuum plasma to ensure uniform growth.
• Highly Flat clear polysterene surface for distortion-free observation.
• Sterilized by E-beam, Sterile culture dish has been validated according to ISO 11137.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: P21030, P21031, P21032, P21033 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21133


  • P21030 – 35mm, TC, Sterile 20/pk, 500 un.
  • P21031 – 60mm, TC, Sterile 20/bag, 500 un.
  • P21032 – 100mm, TC, Sterile 20/bag, 300 un.
  • P21033 – 150mm, TC, Sterile 5/pk,100 un.

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