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Bio Reaction Tubes, PP

• Bio-Reaction tubes are manufactured with high purity virgin Class VI Medical
grade polypropylene (PP) conforming to US FDA 21 CFR, free from natural rubber
& heavy metal.
• Convenient and economical option for small scale, high density suspension cell
culture and are ideal for biological reaction experiments.
• Harvested cells can be directly centrifuged through bioreaction tubes.
• These tubes consist of ultrasonically welded 0.22 µm hydrophobic membrane to
allow gas exchange.
• These tubes come with a large frosted area and engraved graduation.
• These tubes are ideal for culture and centrifuge applications. 15ml tubes can
withstand maximum RCF 12,000*g, 50ml conical bottom can withstand 16,000*g
RCF & 50 ml self-standing tube can withstand RCF 6000*g

Κωδικός προϊόντος: P21070,P21071,P21072 Κατηγορία: Product ID: 21130


  • P21070 – 15 ml, Conical, 100 un.
  • P21071 – 50 ml, Conical, 100 un.
  • P21072 – 50 ml, Self-standing, 100 un.

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